Solv Documentation


What are Financial NFTs?

It seems that we could say Financial NFTs are NFTs that are used in financial scenarios. But strictly speaking, what Financial NFT means is an upgraded version of NFTs with a brand-new token standard that could enable its abilities to express the multi-dimensional attributes of assets in the form of computable NFTs.

What is Voucher?

Vouchers are Financial NFTs that are used to simulate and map real-world property rights, debt certificates, and financial derivatives - such as time deposit certificates, bonds, forward contracts, investor shares, house deeds, land deeds, etc.

What is Solv Vouchers?

Solv Vouchers is a DeFi application based on Solv Protocol and its innovative vNFT Standard. Through the smart contract of Solv Vouchers, digital assets like tokens could be transformed into Vouchers representing investment allocations as splittable, composable NFTs.

What are the fees Solv Vouchers charge?

There will be a service charge of 1.5% from the price of a successful sale. Let's say that user A purchases a Voucher listed by user B by the price of 100 USDT, and user B will receive 98.5 USDT. User A should pay his own Ethereum gas fees while trading.

Has Solv issued any governance token?

Solv has not issued any governance token yet. Please note: any token or Voucher representing Solv governance in the market is fake.

Why can't I merge multiple Vouchers of mine together?

Vouchers could be merged together only they are:
  • Vouchers minted from the same asset
  • Vouchers under the same release rule (One-time, Linear or Staged)
  • Vouchers under the same period
Or there will be no successful merge happens.

When could we mint Vouchers from more types of tokens?

By now, dozens of projects have confirmed the issuance of their allocation Vouchers. Please stay tuned for Solv Protocol. We will open the access to the creation of Vouchers in future, then anyone could mint Vouchers from any ERC20 tokens they want.

Will there be multi-chain solutions for Solv Vouchers? The Ethereum Gas fee is too expensive.

Great Question. Solv Vouchers will launch on BSC soon, and launch plans for other public chains are on schedule. Please stay tuned for Solv Protocol. The first users of other chains may receive abundant rewards.