Solv Documentation


Solv Bond
The first institutional money market that leverages bond SFTs for P2P and flexible-collateral lending.
Peer-to-Peer Lending
Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending enables individuals to obtain loans directly from other individuals or institutions, as opposed to engaging in lending pools where the users can add their assets to the lending pool and ensure quick distribution among borrowers through smart contracts.
Bond Voucher V1
The world’s first on-chain bond to bridge TradFi with DeFi and Solv’s debt SFT tailor-made for crypto market makers, VCs, asset management protocols, or DAOs seeking to bootstrap liquidity, exercise market-neutral trading strategies, or fund operational expenses.
Convertible Bond
The Convertible Bond is essentially a Bond Voucher with added convertibility into an asset to provide lenders with a fixed-income asset with an upside.
Coming soon.
IVO (aka Issuances)
An Initial Voucher Offering (IVO) is a permissionless, primary-market solution for projects to issue ERC-3525 assets in order to conduct token sales, financing, treasury diversification, and/or community bootstrapping.
Solv Marketplace (aka Trades)
The largest marketplace to conduct open trades for all ERC-3525 assets. It has built-in modules allowing users to fractionalize or combine SFT holdings before creating a listing. Assets purchased via IVOs can be traded at the Solv Marketplace
The 35th token standard approved by the Ethereum Foundation, defining a specification where tokens with the same slot but different id are fungible. Developed by the Solv team, ERC-3525 Semi-Fungible Token standard currently powers all assets being issued and traded within Solv Protocol and is the definitive standard for semi-fungible tokens as an asset class.
Semi-Fungible Token (SFT)
Semi-Fungible Token (SFT) is an ERC-3525-powered token type that combines the quantitative attributes of an ERC-20 token and the descriptive features of an NFT.
An alternative tag for the SFT. Used in early products of Solv such as Vesting Voucher, an ERC-3525 token lock tool, and Convertible Voucher, a sophisticated ERC-3525 structured product used for DAO financing.
Flexible Voucher
A Vesting Voucher with a pending vesting schedule. Common when the issuer has created a token lock but has a TBD vesting date.
Exchange Ticket
An ERC-3525 certificate to redeem an SFT purchased on Binance NFT for a Flexible Voucher.