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Vesting Voucher

The Vesting Voucher is an NFT that allows native tokens to be locked within it and vested over time. It offers protocols an allocation management tool that can lock up any digital asset and needs no coding to use.
Vesting Voucher: the Concept

Vesting Voucher Template

Maturity date, amount of tokens and vesting type are the main terms for the configuration of a Vesting Voucher.
A sample of a Vesting Voucher works as follows:
Vesting Voucher Sample
The amount of underlying tokens is 680.4k. The maturity date is 2021-08-24, and its vesting type is linear with a vesting period of 90 days. The maturity date is highly connected with vesting types, which could be linear, one-time and staged.
The price of underlying tokens is configured as a selling method in Solv Marketplace, which could be fixed price or variable price.
A direct usecase for Vesting Vouchers is managing token allocations for the primary market.

Why Vesting Vouchers?

Allocation Management
By adopting Solv Vesting Vouchers, there will be no need for additional code development for projects managing their allocations, while facilitating an open, transparent, fraud-free OTC market on-chain for trading and lending allocations and their derivatives.
While raising funds for a public round, projects could sell their lock-up allocations represented by Vesting Vouchers to investors as an Initial Voucher Offering (IVO). IVO is an ideal fundraising method for projects of any developmental stage.
Community Building
With significantly low costs for distributing lock-up allocations, Vesting Vouchers are more suitable for airdrops or liquidity mining to establish a stronger value network of users, other than spot tokens.

Revolutionizing Allocation-trading in DeFi

As a revolutionary innovation for allocation management, Vesting Voucher provides liquidity to any lock-up digital assets via NFTs. For scenarios of fundraising and community building, there are more than 40 projects have issued their Vesting Vouchers, thus forming an permissionless, on-chain allocation-trading market. Vesting Voucher issuance on Solv Protocol also supports the ways of lock-up token issuance on Coinlist or Olympus Pro.

Getting Started

Solv Protocol provides a one-stop platform for creating, managing, and trading Vesting Vouchers for project teams:
  1. 1.
    Please contact Solv (Discord) for any ideas on your own Vesting Vouchers.
  2. 2.
    Then submit your token address, project information, and the Vesting Voucher cover to Solv Team, then Solv will whitelist your token.
  3. 3.
    Once your token is whitelisted, you could mint your own Vesting Vouchers, and do operations with vouchers like claim, split, merge, transfer, and list them on Solv Marketplace, etc. All these operations are self-services without any code development or service fees. Solv Protocol only charges a transaction fee of 1.5% of any successful transactions. A detailed tutorial is here.