Solv Documentation

Due Diligence Process

The Solv team follows the risk management framework during due diligence as well as ongoing risk assessment. Read below for details.

Business KYC

KYC docs
  • Team charts and background
  • Equity and token structures
  • Business license registered under any licensing regime, such as Singapore, Cayman Islands, BVI, etc.
Fundamental business narrative
Summary of your product(s)
The most recent pick deck (if applicable)
Concentration risk -- fund deployment strategy including which token assets and where (CEXs, DEXs, and/or other any DeFi protocols)
Cyber risk analysis
Indication of the type of asset used for the collateral and the collateral ratio (in percentage)
Q&A for lenders

Financial KYC

Financial KYC includes the borrowers' financial summary (it could any financial report), audit report, financial forecast, and the use of proceeds.

Ongoing Internal Risk Management

Ongoing internal risk management includes Mandate Approval Committee, Quality Assurance Committee, Risk Committee, and Watch List.