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Operations of Vouchers, such as minting, claiming, transferring and trading, can be implemented leveraging the smart contracts of IcToken and IcMarket. The main processes include:
  • call the approve function of the underlying ERC20 token, to set approval to the address of the IcToken’s corresponding VestingPool;
  • call the mint function of IcToken, to create a new Allocation Voucher;
  • call the claim or claimAll function of IcToken, to withdraw the released portion of the underlying assets;
  • call the transferFrom function of IcToken, to transfer a complete Allocation Voucher or part of the units of an Allocation Voucher to any receiver;
  • call the split or merge function of IcToken, to split an IC into several, or merge several ICs into one;
  • call the setApprovalForAll function of IcToken, to set approval to the address of the IcMarket;
  • call the publishFixedPrice or publishDecliningPrice function of IcMarket, to publish an order of an IC to the IcMarket, at either a fixed price or a price declining with time;
  • call the buyByAmount or buyByUnits function of IcMarket, to purchase an IC on the IcMarket.