Institutional-Grade Fund Service Engine

Solv V3 builds a highly collaborative decentralized network of institutions to provide robust fund services and risk management. This creates an underlying framework of trust for on-chain investing.
  • Institutional-Grade Fund Screening
    Under Solv’s organization, participating institutions like fund managers, brokers, rating agencies jointly conduct rigorous screening of funds based on factors like AUM, returns, strategies, team background etc. This allows everyday investors to enjoy institutional-grade fund screening expertise.
  • Separation of Fund Usage Permissions
    Regardless of DeFi or CeFi strategies, all funds raised on the Solv platform are transferred to designated MPC solutions via Solv V3 smart contracts. Permissioned roles strictly separate transfer rights, liquidation rights, and operation rights, preventing fund manager scams or fraud. Investors can view real-time fund flows to identify risks, and influence usage permissions through custody dashboards if necessary.
  • Coordinated Settlement Procedures
    Solv organizes the trusted institutions to set proper liquidation rules for each fund to limit losses. Dedicated risk managers monitor positions, issue alerts, and handle orderly liquidations if triggered. In liquidation events, risk managers have special permission to smoothly close out positions and cash out funds, preventing extra losses.