What Can I Build

This page provides an overview of the types of products on-chain entities can build and issue at Solv V3.
Fixed-income product: low-risk SFT-based investment fund that deploys capital to exercise market-neutral trading strategies on crypto exchanges, including, but not limited to, Binance, Uniswap, and Deribit. This type of product allows asset managers to raise capital fast in any assets and even offer senior tranches to entice investors.
Crypto “money market” funds: a highly stable SFT investment fund that invests in crypto “money market” fund protocols such as Lido, Curve, and Aave. This beats directly LPing in a platform like Lido because investors benefit from the portfolio being actively managed and calibrated for the highest yields.
Floating rate funds: a low-risk investment that combines some, if not all, features of dual investment (by Binance Prime), Bybit’s Shark Fin product (a principal-guaranteed, structured product that allows investors to earn attractive yields in low-volatility markets), and covered-call ETF.
Equity funds & quant funds: A high-risk and high-yield SFT investment fund that uses liquidity to exercise automated or index trading strategies on a centralized or decentralized crypto exchange. This type of fund can be actively or passively managed. Investors get exposure to digital assets from GameFi, NFT, or DeFi sectors.
Primary market funds: a high-risk and high-yield SFT investment fund. Investment DAOs can issue this type of fund and use the liquidity to invest in primary token sales and then distribute SFTs representing token vesting certificates to investors.
And more...