For Investors

This page provides an overview of Solv V3 for Investors.
Solv Finance is a liquidity platform that bridges the gap between asset managers and investors, enabling efficient capital allocation in a reliable and transparent marketplace.

Why DeFi investors choose Solv Finance

Professionally-managed crypto funds: experienced traders and fund managers grow your capital for you, so you don't have to.
Wide-ranging types of funds to invest in: from high-risk and high-yield and high-risk products to low-risk and low-yield products. There's something for investors with every risk-reward profile.
Trustless security: With the platform powered entirely by smart contracts and each digital transaction of funds secured by a multi-approval scheme, Solv Finance drastically minimizes counterparty risks for investors.
Early liquidity, exit anytime: all SFTs representing your share of the funds (LPs) are NFT-compatible so you can liquidate your LPs on an NFT marketplace or borrow against it on NFT lending platforms for early liquidity.
Go to this section to browse financial products you can invest in at Solv Finance. More investments under "Do More With SFTs."

A strong track record

Since the launch, Solv Finance (formerly Solv Markets V2) has distributed over US$5,020,000 in yields to over 17,000+ investors on Solv.
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