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Asset Creation

By fully leveraging the powerful capabilities of ERC-3525, Solv unleashes new horizons for tokenized asset creation and management. This enables Solv to offer:
Abundant Underlying Assets:
  • DeFi: Richer management strategies built on DEXs, derivatives, liquidity staking, NFTFi, etc. provide diversified yield sources.
  • CeFi: Quantitative funds, arbitrage strategy funds, and CeFi market making funds will be introduced.
  • RWA: More real-world assets are tokenized, matched with yield strategies, continuously bringing ample and steady yield sources to crypto.
Abundant Yield Strategies:
  • Delta-neutral Funds: Seeks to profit while mitigating exposure to market direction.
  • Yield Enhancement funds: Uses strategies like liquidity staking to amplify returns.
  • Structured Funds: Packaged products with defined risk-return.
  • Copy Trading: Allows investors to follow and automatically replicate the trading strategies.
Abundant Fund Structures:
  • Tranching Funds: Divides a portfolio into different risk classes or "tranches" with varying levels of risk and return, offering investors customized risk-adjusted exposure.
  • First Loss Capital Protected Funds: First Loss Capital Protection Fund: The First Loss Capital serves as a buffer to protect other investors from initial losses in the investment portfolio. This downside protection offered by the fund manager can give investors more confidence to invest in the fund.