The Ethereum Foundation approved the ERC-3525 Semi-Fungible Token as its 35th ERC token standard on September 5, 2022, placing semi-fungible tokens (SFT) on par with existing fungible tokens (ERC-20) and non-fungible tokens (ERC-721).

The Solv technical team, creators of ERC-3525, have open-sourced the protocol, and several development teams have built products in various fields such as RWA, DeFi, and social applications based on ERC-3525.

The underlying stUSD Vault is currently in private testing phase, supported by $900,000 in testing capital provided by the Solv team to verify its efficacy and reliability. All users can track the performance and returns of this testing fund in real-time via the Solv UI. stUSD has achieved an ATH APY of 44.5%.

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