How to purchase/redeem SolvUSD/SolvBTC/SolvETH?

  • Users who directly purchase/redeem SolvUSD/SolvBTC/SolvETH with Solv must be KYC’s by Solv.

  • Purchasing SolvUSD/SolvBTC/SolvETH is the process of purchasing shares of the Solv Cash Management Vault and receiving SolvUSD/SolvBTC/SolvETH as the share tokens.

    • Step One: Get KYC’s by Solv

    • Step Two: Purchase shares of the SolvUSD/SolvBTC/SolvETH

  • Redeeming SolvUSD/SolvBTC/SolvETH and receiving users’ native assets with yields.

    • Step One: Request Redemption

    • Step Two: Claim the funds

More details for SolvUSD/SolvBTC/SolvETH redemptions:

  • Normal Redemption

    • Processing Frequency: Users can request redemptions at any time, with two redemption periods per month ending at 00:00 UTC on the 15th and 30th. Redemption requests received before these deadlines will be processed within that period, while those received after may be processed in the next period. Typically, users should expect redemption proceeds within two business days of the period ending.

    • No Restrictions on Whitelist, KYC Status, or Withdrawal Amounts for Redemptions.

  • Fast Redemption

    • Fast redemption will not be included during the initial fundraising and launch period, but will be a priority feature enhancement post-launch.

    • Future SolvBTC will partner with DEXs to enable fast redemptions through ERC20 token trades on DEXs. (DEXs and DEX LPs may charge fees).

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