Low-risk, Stable Yields

Native yield assets on Solv represent users' holdings within the entire strategy portfolio, consisting of low-risk income-generating assets on the Solv platform. As the underlying asset value appreciates, the price of SolvBTC/SolvETH/SolvUSD gradually rises. By holding these assets, users not only maintain exposure to capital appreciation of BTC/ETH in the bull market but also receive high quality yield earnings.

  • Underlying strategies will be selected by the advisory council, with various delta neutral single strategies running on different platforms (e.g., Binance, Bybit, GMX) as underlying yield sources to achieve further risk diversification and optimal returns. Eligible strategies must satisfy conditions for transparency and credibility.

  • The advisory council comprises Solv internal members and key external partners. Apart from making fund allocation decisions, the council also has upgrade authority over Vault smart contracts.

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