A Voucher is the financial NFT that contains a project’s locked up tokens. Our Vouchers utilize a new token standard, ERC-3525 which allows for the splitting and merging of financial NFTs. In short, Vouchers give users the best of both worlds, containing the descriptive attributes of the ERC-721 standard and the liquidity of the ERC-20 standard.

Vesting Type

We have three vesting types, or release modes. They are linear, which means tokens release evenly in multiple instances over time; One-time, which means the tokens unlock in one instance; and staged, which means tokens unlock over pre-determined phases.


Initial Voucher Offering. Like an IDO or ICO, an IVO is a project’s way of crowdfunding by using their tokens locked in an allocation. With this, project’s can inject liquidity into these previously illiquid assets, making for the opportunity to crowdfund, manage liquidity, realize pre-IDO price discovery, and form a closer bond with their community!

Flexible Date Voucher

These are the types of Vouchers we will be issuing in our IVO. A flexible date Voucher actually allows projects to issue tokens without having to determine a token release date. With this, however, projects will have designated a latest date by which the token release will begin.

Exchange Tickets

Users can exchange Voucher NFT purchased on Binance NFT into flexible Voucher in exchange tickets.