Community Building

This page provides an overview of community building with SFTs.
Early and tokenless blockchain projects seeking to bootstrap community through airdrops or other incentives can use Solv mint SFTs that represent the promise of future tokens and reward these SFTs to millions of early community members.
Learn about Dream Voucher, a community-building SFT that helped 10+ tokenless projects build communities that have become a major driver of their growth.
DeSyn Protocol's Community-Building SFT, DeSyn Dream Voucher, features the protocol logo, name, redemption date, and arbitrary unit system that allows the holder to redeem the SFT for rewards later.
Highlights of community-building SFTs (previously Dream Voucher):
  • Tokenized promise: These SFTs represent a blockchain project’s promise to pay a certain amount of tokens to community members holding the SFT when the token generation even occurs.
  • Flexible unit conversion: These SFTs feature an unspecified unit system ("points") so that the issuing project can decide the meaning of the points that works both for the project and the community.
  • Low gas fee: These SFTs can be minted and traded on Polygon.
  • Any redemption dates: Projects can freely set any redemption dates for the SFT, on which holders will be able to redeem the SFT for a number of project tokens.
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