Create an SFT

Creating a Voucher

To start off, let’s show you how to create an SFT from the Marketplace.
  • Click "Create Voucher" on top of the homepage, and you will be brought to an interface that allows you to define how your Voucher will function.
  • Choose the type of token you want to mint, then the token amount, vesting type (release mode), release start date and vesting period that the Voucher will have.
  • Once you have determined the release rules and your ERC20 asset is deposited, your Voucher will be created after you "Authorize" to pay the gas fee to "Create" it.
  • Your Vouchers will be unlocked according to the release rule you choose. During the process, users can claim, transfer, split or merge the Vouchers they possess.
  • Your Voucher can also be listed on Solv Marketplace.

Release Rules

Linear release

Linear Release
  • The vesting period can be set in terms of days in UTC time, and the starting date will be set according to UTC time as well. Vouchers will be released by the second during the period.
Release Volume per second = Total Volume / Release Period / 86400

One-time release

One-time Release
  • The release date is set according to UTC time, and the release volume will be 100%. At the time of ‘0:00’ on the release date, the entirety of the release volume will be unlocked at once.

Staged release

Staged Release
  • In this mode, one or more release dates are designated, also according to UTC time, and the release volume of each date is released according to an individual ratio that the creator can determine. The ratios here must add up to 100%. At the time of ‘0:00’ on each release date, the respective ratio of the total volume will be unlocked.
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