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What is Solv V3?

As a leading decentralized asset management platform, Solv leverages active management strategies and robust security standards to deliver best-in-class yield opportunities with full transparency for investors.
With the launch of Solv Funds in 2023, Solv has pioneered a generalized fund infrastructure using ERC-3525 that allows professional asset managers to construct diversified active management strategies across top DeFi protocols, CeFi platforms and real-world assets (RWA), generating varied return streams. The protocol also supports fungible token wrapping of fund shares to better integrate with DeFi Legos, unlocking further capital efficiency for investors.
To ensure the security of investor assets, Solv has implemented multi-layered risk controls. This includes running 24/7 monitoring and alerting to proactively address risks. Additionally, Solv utilizes multi-party controlloed vaults to achieve non-custodial asset management, putting fund control directly back into the hands of crypto participants.
With its pioneering architecture, Solv is at the forefront of shaping the future of professional, trustless and transparent active asset management. By unlocking trillions in permissionless, institutional-grade investment opportunities and radically simplifying access through groundbreaking infrastructure, Solv aims to realize the full promise of DeFi by empowering every individual to benefit from world-class fund offerings through our platform.
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