IVO Market
Primary Market
Initial Voucher Offering, or IVO, refers to the process of offering a project’s allocations to the public in a Voucher issuance. An IVO allows public to become early investors of a project. Once a project’s Voucher offering starts, the Vouchers issued will be listed on Solv’s IVO Market for sale.
(Note: Whitelisting rules may apply. Refer to your project’s official announcement for details.)
Later, whoever holds a Voucher may claim tokens, freely split, merge, trade or transfer the Voucher on the Solv platform.
Solv’s IVO Market provides a permissionless solution for investors to purchase a project’s allocations and gives anyone–not just institutional investors–a prospect of participating in the funding of early-stage projects. By offering Vouchers at a low rate, projects are given a chance to form a closer bond with the early-user community.
A detailed tutorial on IVO:
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